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    As an historian and Scholar of the Ancient Lores of Middle-earth, I make my duty to collect and recall tales and stories of all the corners of the world for the archives of The Grand Order of the Lost Mathom. Some of these tales may feel strange and distant to us hobbit, yet by all means our very fate is closely woven with them. This is a tale from a wandering Elf, recorded by me on behalf of The Order.

    The Two Trees

    And so it is told that when the world was young, a queen named Yavanna sung a beautiful song, and from two saplings two trees grew fair and tall, and they came to flower.

    Telperion The Silver Tree and Laurelin The Golden Tree...The Two Trees of Valinor. And the wolrd was filled with their lights, flowers covered the fields, and the air was sweet.

    Laurelin The Golden and Telperion The Silver would take turn, give light for seven hours, then let the other shine.

    The Gold and Silver lights never shines distant lovers Telperion and Laurelin longed to meet, if only for a few moments.

    And at dusk and at dawn their wish came true,granded by queen Yavanna the Kemetari Giver of Life. Only for a short time their lights would merge in one beautiful embrace of love and white glow.

    This is the tale of the Two Trees of Valinor, about their fate all the tales of Middle-earth are woven

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    This was a lovely story, told by Miss Amorey at the Dragon yester eve, about love and magicks and elfy trees.

    The funny thing is.... a little later on that night, when I visited the Bird and Baby, where I does catch Mister Jeremiah propping up the bar, there was several tall beautiful elfs in the Bird and Baby, sat around the fireplace, but one was sitting mysteriously alone in the far corner, by the door to the Inn League snug.

    Two elfy things in one night is just a bit more than coincidence I thinks *nods several times*. Just you ask miss Akelay, she went for a peek at them elfs too.

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