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    This is the story I told a few weeks ago, at Nannie's story telling evening, but I totally forgot to post it here until now...

    The Warrior

    The Shire is a peaceful land, covered with rolling hills and sleepy meadows.
    Where hobbits tend their land freely, and worry little about troubles out of the bounds.
    But did you know that a brave and fearsome warrior once roamed these lands?
    Not a big, butch, lankyshanks warrior, but a Hobbit warrior.
    Small in body, but bold in heart.
    He would roam the Shire looking for adventure wherever it was found.

    Now, on this particular day, this brave warrior had got hold of a map.
    Although it looked nothing more than a scrap bit of paper, it had some lines on it, and X marked the spot.
    This warrior made it his aim to hunt the treasure that very day.
    He set off from his home, in Brockenborings, dressed in his finest armour.
    A shiny silver breastplate. So shiny, it reflected the sun.
    And in his belt his trusty sword that had seen him through many perils.

    And he did not have to wait long before he found danger.
    His arch enemy, the Dark Knight, stood on the bridge, blocking his path.
    Fortunately, the Dark Knight had not seen the warrior, as he was looking the other way.
    But the warrior had cunning as well as strength, and knew the Dark Knight had a weakness.
    He picked up a stone, and lobbed it into the water.
    The warrior then put on a female voice, and screamed "Help! Help! I've fallen in"
    For the warrior knew the Dark Knight could not resist a damsel in distress.
    As the Dark Knight peered over the the bridge to look for the damsel, the brave warrior ran behind him and push him in!
    He than ran off, leaving his foe splashing in the water.

    Soon he found himself deep in treacherous woods, surrounded by menacing beasts all around.
    But the warrior feared nothing!
    He chased off some long eared wolves with his the swishing of the trusty sword.
    He crushed some massive spiders beneath his bare feet!
    He saw off some vicious hawks flying above by some well place stone throws.
    All foul beasts fled before him!

    Still, he carried on, deeper into the wood on his quest.
    He followed a narrow winding path that was laced with razor sharp rocks.
    Long, ancient, twisted roots seemed to poke out the ground and grab his ankles.
    But he cut them down with his sword, and kept on his way.

    Deeper he went into the wood, until he reach the spot marked by the X on the map.
    The site of the treasure; But it was guarded by a fearsome giant!
    Towering up to the sky, it had thick wrinkly skin, a wild gnarly expression, and crazy flailing arms.
    The brave warrior Hobbit saw no other course of action but to charge, giving out a might roar as he did so.
    An intense battle began, but the giant soon overpowered the warrior.
    The warrior found himself lifted into the air, tangled up in the giant's arms.
    And then, just as all hope seemed lost....

    "JONTY! JONTY! Where are you?"

    A voice called out from nearby.

    "Ah! There you are! What in the name of Shire are you doing up that tree?"

    A female Hobbit strode into the clearing.

    "Come down from that tree at once!", she said, "And what are you doing with my best silver pie tray?"
    She gazed wistfully, and then said "I do hope it was not you that pushed Bounder Bob into the stream!"

    Jonty climbed down from the old oak tree, dropping the wooden stick he was carrying as he did so.
    "Sorry Mum"

    His Mum sighed, "I don't know, son. You and your imagination"
    Taking her young son's arm, she led him out the woods.
    "It's time for you to eat", she said, "Dinner is on the table"

    So, the brave warrior went home for his tea, and dreamed up some adventures that would await him the next day....
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