Trees Tall And Umber

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  1. Lina Chief

    A mellow hobbit autumn tale, in the form of a song. This was first performed by The Songburrow Strollers during the Grand Order 7th anniversary party on October 4th 2014.

    OOC: I don't suppose hobbits often wander around in Lothlorien (which is where the video was mostly shot), but I thought the mix between the melancholy elven lands and a simple, sad story from the Shire could be an interesting one. Hopefully yer will like it! Fullscreen and HD highly recommended.

    Yer can read a little more about the song (as well as check the lyrics) over on the Biscuity Burrow
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  2. Akelay Member

    Miss Lina, that is so beautiful! *sniffs* And so touching! *sobs* At first, Lyshko wanted this one to be added to his list of sleeping songs, but after his Ma started crying every time, he now changed his mind.
    And lovely moving pictures, too! I too, love the trees of umber with golden or orange leaves, they remind me of juicy apricots and their umber stones... And now I have to go and bake an apricot pie, that helps to get back to happy thoughts.
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  3. Lina Chief

    ooh, apricot pie... *licks lips*
  4. Neti Member

    I loved every second of this video! I agree with Miss Akelay, beautiful and touching.
  5. Tibba Voluntary Assistant Chief

    It's very lovely, Lina!
  6. Rubysue Member

    I agree with all of the above! It strikes a fine balance of music, lyrics, and images to create a melancholy yet strangly attractive mood. Love it!
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