Tricksy Beavers

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  1. Lina Chief

    A wooden beaver statue, showing an unhealthy interest in a nearby oak tree

    As the winter gives way to spring and summer, hobbits take to spending a lot of time in their gardens. A fine sight, it is, to see your neighbors plant flowers, trim hedges and add fine-looking decorations to the lawn. And often you'll get visitors coming over to inspect your own garden, marvel at your work, offer suggestions (whether welcome or not), and hope for a mug of tea and some cake.

    As many hobbits will agree, a fine wood-cut beaver statue adds that certain homely touch to even the smallest garden. However, at least a couple of hobbits have noticed strange goings-on with their statues this spring.

    As one flustered hobbit in Bramblebury said, even though she had turned her statue to look south for good weather, in the morning it was facing the large oak to the west of her burrow. Others have noticed that bark strewn on the lawn near their statues tends to vanish overnight.

    The bounders have yet to inspect the strange goings-on around the statues. Many locals attribute the whole thing to hobbits spending too much time at the inn drinking ale. It is as of yet unclear whether they spoke of the statue-owners or the bounders.

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  2. Jiro Master of the Forge

    Hmm.. that is quite odd. Statues that move when no one is looking....
  3. Rowana Voluntary Assistant Chief (Semi-retired)

    I do recall a problem with the odd scarecrow moving during the night. I believe Miss Lotti was the first to discover that, though at the time I suspected a little too much ale was to blame. It is very curious though and I wonder if the two are connected...
  4. Lina Chief

    More reports of odd statue behaviour has come to the attention of the bounders, and an investigation was carried out in 1 Myrtle Court, Bramblebury, this afternoon. No oddities were observed near the beaver statue in that garden, although the jumpy hobbits swore they saw it move on several occasions. It took a couple of bottles of brandy wine to steel the nerves for further investigation.

    The bounder in charge of the investigation took several measures which would help determine if foul play is involved. Now, all we can do is wait and see what happens...
  5. Lina Chief

    Rumours say that the owner of 1 Myrtle Court, Bramblebury, has left the village for a few days. The hobbit lass was last seen speeding out of the village on a pony early this morning. A neighbour coming to call on her found a note on her door saying "Visiting me ma, back in a couple of days"

    As the locals met in the village square later in the day, one mentioned that there had been strange goings-on in the garden lately, apparently related to a wooden beaver statue that was said to move at night. Initially met with chuckles and raised eyebrows, a hushed calm fell on the hobbits as a passing bounder told about more reports of strange goings-on with garden decorations in the village. The whole thing was labeled as "mighty curious, and no mistake".

    The bounders are said to investigate the matter. It is also said that as soon as the locals heard this, they ran off to secure enough ales to last them a few days, before the bounders got their hands on it all.
  6. Rebekha Guest

    Oh NO!! Miss Lina do watch out.. cos look what the beaver did to my friend's tree just the other day!!

    [IMG] least we suspect it was a beaver.. or a mighty big squirrel
  7. Lully Member

    Hmmmmm! I doesn't know what this means yet, but yesterday, just before dinner time, I spied a hooded lanky in the auction house, in Michel Delving, and he did have a beaver on his back!.

    He was engaged in conversation with one of the auctioneers, and I overheard something about a batch of Shire oak logs.

    He looked mighty suspishous, so I crept up behind him and made a quick sketch of him.

    Lully spots a beaver in Michel Delving

    Is lanky's now using beavers to chop down our lovely Shire trees, so that they can sell them for silvers?
  8. Jerremiah Riddle Master

    Yesterday, after spending the day digging up weeds in my garden (just across Myrtle Court from Miss Lina's own garden) I retired indoors for the night, leaving my favourite spade leaning against my garden fence.

    When I woke this morning, however, I was shocked to find my spade had been viciously vandalised - the wooden handle was gone!!

    I am almost certain that this outrageous crime must have been committed by that most devious of Beavers! Needless to say that I have reported this crime to Miss Nimelia Stoutfoot, the Local Shirriff, who is continuing her investigation.
  9. Lina Chief

    Neighbours in Bramblebury are said to be surprised, although many delightedly so, to find a new inhabitant in their village. The Brockenborings-born mutt Ruff, a black and white guard dog who loves little more than to gnaw on bones and lie beside the fireplace, has come on a visit to help sort out the tricksy beaver situation.

    "There goes our flowerbeds", one elderly hobbit grumbled, as he saw the playful rascal run about chasing sticks in Myrtle Court.

    The beaver mysteries remain unsolved, but as one hobbit said, it can only be a matter of hours now that a true Brockenborings dog is on the case. The bounders have as of yet not commented on the new development.

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