Riddle Two Names On Paper But One By Sound

Discussion in 'Stories & Tales' started by Maryelle, Jan 28, 2011.

  1. Maryelle Guest

    A homemade riddle I thought up in a spur of the moment during Green Dragon Friday and presented there:

    I carry two names on paper but one by sound
    I can cause a king to forever rest in a burial mound

    Sometimes people sing of me standing not far from the sage
    and I play a role in the latter's studied page

    When I'm forgotten I don't attend dinner, yet may cause you to hurry.
    Lack of me can make meat bland and put people to worry.

    Despite this all I've committed no crime..
    I rhyme with rhyme and me name is ...

    I'll give ye a hint: It ain't 'Maryelle'

    nor pie..

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