Poem Unscary Dragons

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    Dragons are not scary at all! They wouldn't hurt a fly, I am sure. Here's a poem to prove it...

    Unscary Dragons

    I am surely not scared of a dragon
    I've seen one about in the sky
    And it seemed rather small
    It was nothing at all
    I wouldn't be scared if I tried

    It wings were thin and transparent
    They really were delicate things
    If it flew over trees
    There'd be barely a breeze
    Unlikely if terror it brings

    And it's skin was not lumpy nor scaly
    But more of a radiant green
    No scales on its back
    Sharp horns did it lack
    It hardly looked scary and mean

    And it's teeth? I can't say I noticed
    It's jaws would give barely a nip
    And if it breathed flames
    It would seem rather tame
    It couldn't set fire to a twig

    But what do you mean, it's no dragon?
    But really a small dragon fly
    Twas no dragon at all
    But an insect I saw?
    Real dragons are larger in size?

    Well, I'm sure I'm not scared of a dragon
    Not even one fiery and red
    ....But perhaps I've been rash?
    Yes, I really must dash
    For I must go hide under my bed....
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