Up in the Eaves

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  1. Rowana Voluntary Assistant Chief (Semi-retired)

    Place: Songburrow Hall
    From: Cobb Thinacre

    Any visitor approaching Songburrow Hall over the last few weeks would have noticed a number of skilled laborers on the roof and a great deal of replacement thatch and timbers in the garden. Some say that a stray firework from the recent party was to blame, a fate that befell the roof on a previous occasion.

    A sharp-eyed local who works up at the mill in Overfields, said he heard some screeches and 'very odd sounds indeed'. He was heard to say 'it can only have been an owl, or mostly likely more than one, nay a whole family if I'm not mistaken...' Another witness was reported as saying that 'the housekeeper was in a dreadful state and would not set foot in the Hall, it was only a tumbler of strong brandy that calmed her nerves'.

    The last of the labourers is fixing up the thatch this week and there have been no further disturbances.

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