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  1. Simbo Bandmaster of the Songburrow Strollers

    A poem about washing up that certain folk should understand all too well....

    Washing Up for Hobbits

    The table that was once well set
    With lots of food for hungry guests
    Is now a rather messy scene
    That someone really needs to clean
    Oh, to the kitchen, who will dare
    To clean the crockery that's there?

    For in the sink, and on the racks
    Are dirty plates in crooked stacks
    With glasses that once sparkled fine
    Now painted in a reddish grime
    And cast about for all to see
    Is ever un-washed cutlery

    The pots and pans are piling up
    Along with mugs and coffee cups
    And knives and forks and silver spoons
    Retain the stains of long gone food
    No longer are they clean and plush
    They're strangers to the scrubbing brush

    So, who will wash away the stains?
    And who will make them shine again?
    They really will not wash themselves
    Or place themselves upon the shelves
    You can't eat food off grubby plates
    No longer can these dishes wait

    So roll those sleeves and fill the tub
    And give those plates a mighty scrub
    And wash until your arms are sore
    We must fulfil this washing chore
    For washing-up's the price we pay
    For all the food we eat each day!
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  2. Pycella Member

    Oh, an ode to dishwashing! *smiles* I love it (the poem I mean)!
  3. Lully Member

    I'll pretend I didn't read this one *chuckles*
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  4. Tibba Voluntary Assistant Chief

    Nimelia? Nimeeeehliaaaah! You really should read this!
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  5. Nimelia Voluntary Assistant Chief

    I did. If you hold it sideways and squint while reading it backwards, it reads 'beware the dishes'. Which no writer of secret encoded messages has to tell me twice.
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  6. Rubysue Member

    Really? When I hold it sideways and squint I see a 3D image of a sea serpent swimming.
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