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    We have certain expectations for potential recruits as well as for members. Understanding what we expect will greatly increase your chances of being accepted into The Grand Order.

    What We Expect
    • Active Players We understand the importance of family life and busy schedules, but we expect all of our members to remain active. We avoid players who show up irregularly or only for planned events. We limit the number of alts in the kinship to ensure that the activity level remains as high as possible. We expect our members to give us notice if they will be absent for a long period of time. Characters who are absent without notice for more than 60 days, may be removed from the kinship entirely.
    • Role-playing – it is important that you have a desire to get involved with role-playing even at a basic level. Previous experience is useful, but should you be a little hesitant then we have a number of very experienced roleplayers and Tolkien enthusiasts that are willing to offer you advice or assistance.
    • Events – our members go to considerable lengths to ensure a steady number of exciting and engaging activities from adventures, RP stories to parties and other social gatherings. We expect you to support and take part in as many of these as you are able. All events are carried out in character.
    • Mature & Helpful Attitude – we place great importance on the quality of our members to ensure we maintain a mature and friendly attitude at all times. You will find our members helpful and easy-going. We expect and encourage our members to help each other. Join others on quests and adventures, help them plan and/or arrange events, contribute with ideas for new events, offer trade goods or services, etc.
    • Communication – make active use of the kinship chat channel, which is mostly in character (IC). Out of character (OOC) chat is kept to a minimum. Be courteous to the others, and say hello when logging on, and goodbye when leaving – a little goes a long way in the Grand Order. We frown on the use of internet slang and leetspeak and emoticons in our chat channels, as well as /say and /fellowship.
    • The Forum – is an essential part of belonging to our kinship. It is how we keep in contact with each other out of the game, where you will find and can contribute to our events, and adventures, or submit and offer ideas of your own. Access is given after you have joined the kinship, and we expect you to keep an active presence.

    Further Information
    By now you should already be interested enough to find out more about us and what we do. If you haven't done so already read About The Grand Order of the Lost Mathom. You can also find a wealth of material about our past and upcoming Events & Parties.

    Points of Contact
    Find out how to join us or contact us directly for further information or to have a chat.

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