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    Them say there are secrets in them dwarven caves out east. Hushed voices whisper about somet grand... somet large... somet... soggy? Agh! Still, another chance fer the Grand Order hobbits (with good friends) ter peek around in damp and scary caves.


    Miss Claramay had graciously offered to bring us on a journey to them large dwarven burrows in them eastern mountains, to hopefully recover some fine and tasty biscuits! With the help of master Tolpan, we managed ter sneak inside a large cave where somet lay sleeping. And it seemed ter have an appetite ter rival even a hungry hobbit. Right there and then we should have known there were no food ter be found...

    • Claramay, Tolpan, Spriggy, Nimelia, Vedoc, Akelay, Tibba, Fleuralis, Fredin, Lina.
    • Classes: Three guardians, three minstrels, two burglars, one hunter and one waden.
    • Recover lost mathoms. And biscuits! And pies. Oh, and something to drink!
    • Have a look around in scary surroundings
    • Have a good time together, with lots of hobbity fun
    • Instance: Vile Maw, Moria (level 58 12-hobbit raid)
    • We found our way out! Hooray!
    • Mathoms: There was an ominous-looking bathtub in there. One would think there was more than enough water in that cave to need extra bathtubs, but, well... Them finest mathoms came as a result of running into some good dwarven friends on the way to the scary burrow, though!
    • Biscuit boxes opened: Two, although there were neither biscuits nor pies found in there *pouts*. Lots of shiny trinkets, though.
    • Injuries: Some, mostly hurt pride and sulkings over having ter take a bath as part of the journey
    • Songs sung: None! Clearly, there was too much water in there, ruined the acoustics it did.
    • Disconnects: None!
    • Pies eaten: Too few, really, although we suspect some were holding back on them. The night ended with a lot of brandy by the campfire where we dried up in the end, though.
    • Attempts at playing with the final scary big feller: Three!
    • Snowballs thrown: None, but I am sure there was an apple flying through the air at one occasion.
    • Word from the trip: Forge. As in, forget about building a forge in the Songburrow Hall garden.

    While the Grand Order works hard to help create a lively hobbity Shire on Laurelin, we also love to go on adventures out of bounds every now and then to look for mathoms. These trips are a grand mix of exciting and dangerous encounters, combined with hobbits merrily bumbling along looking for foodstuffs and wondering when the next meal is.

    It is all friendly and relaxed, where we try to have a lot of improvised fun together. We'll never be a professional raid/instance group (no teamspeak here, just all written chat, and we love to stop and smell the roses every other minute, even if there are life-threatening tentacles hovering over us), but we also try to learn as we go.

    If yer an adventurous hobbit with an interest in roleplaying and think this is right up yer alley, have a look here.

    The merry band of adventurers before things got too wet

    Time for a bath. Eek!
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  2. Spriggy Member

    Luckily, all of us returned safely to our homes in the end. Mister (Miss..?) Maw had no hobbits for diner! (phew) Thank you for all that splashy fun, fellow adventurers! *cheers*
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    *cheers* What a grand adventure indeed! *hopes nobody noticed he were cowering in the corner with his eyes shut fer the most of it* Splendid fun and right educational too! A big thanks all yer brave hobbits, even though yer did manage ter trick me into bathing! *chuckles* Yay fer adventures!
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    Well done hobbits!

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