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  1. Lina Chief

    *clumsy as ever, the parchment isn't without its fair share of ink splodges*

    Dear Order Folk,

    How do!

    This letter's a long time comin' in truth. That'd be because it's not 'til recent that I've had the nerve to put it in letters to you.

    Some of you know me as Wiberic or "Wib" from that red-haired Tentoes-Sandybanks lot up near Michel Delving. I was born to Waldoc Tentoes of the Quick Post and Isadora Sandbybanks, a pot washer, and I grew up with me cousin Paladric who some of you might also be familiar with. As we chased each other 'round the fields and got under well-to-do folks' feet, I'd dream of being a bounder on the quiet, of bein' brave and adventures like them that they say Mad Baggins had, but I weren't blessed the nerve for such a grand station or adventures, so I followed the family into the Quick Post. Or tried. Seems I weren't much good for deliverin' letters neither, losin' them here and there. Sometimes even myself.

    But, well, it seems I'd eventually find somewhere else to focus my efforts and by chance at that! With a firm shove out the door from friends I put me name forward for Deputy Mayor of Oldfurlong. I hadn't a clue what to say up on that stage, but I grudgingly fumbled through a speech to the eager crowd. One designed to sabotage my chances - I'd make a useless mayor and get most everything wrong. That aside, I made certain to add that my feet smelled like old cheese. I was sure to lose out to one of the other fine candidates! Only... they seemed to admire the honesty of it and the laugh that came with it, votin' me up anyway. The cracked lot!

    And this leads us to nowadays. I'm no longer mayor of Oldfurlong, but it wasn't for naught. I've come along some way with my nerves, helped by them mayorin' duties and the egg hunts and such I've put on in past times. I've stopped cowerin' at the sight of my own shadow or the pop of a too sudden firework and I'm keen to get on with some of them adventures that wee hobbit lad dreamed about. For adventures you need Grand company, I reckon.

    Friendly regards,
    Wiberic Tentoes
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  2. Lina Chief

    Welcome to the Order, master Wiberic! Grand to see yer took the plunge!
  3. Simbo Bandmaster of the Songburrow Strollers

    Welcome to the Grand Order Master Wiberic!
  4. Rubysue Member

    Welcome indeed! We can always use another Warden about. Do feel free to call if yer need a bit of help or just company in them adventurings.
  5. Potty Member

    Hullo Master Wiberic!

    Welcome ter the Grand Order!
  6. Primrrose Member

    Welcome to the Order

    Primrrose and Hudosuld
  7. Neti Member

    Welcome to the Order!
  8. Rubellita Member

    Welcome, Master Wiberic! Do feel at home with us!
  9. Wiberic Member

    Cheers all! Glad to be amount yer all.

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