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    [1] An (in-character) Introduction

    Well Hello, My name is Willrand and I come from Waymeet. I grew up in the wagons, either in the one owned by my ma' and pa' or in with the neighbours and their daughter Tuila.

    I'm a minstrel and wordsmith by the way of a profession, a profession my ma' and pa' don’t really approve of. They had much rather I became a bounder like our cousin Jeb, or went into trade with my pa' selling pipe weed to them posh hobbits in hobbiton an michael delving. Not me though, I dream of becoming known as a master of music and song the length and breadth of the Shire. In an effort to do just that you will often find me writing a new tune sat on the wagon steps, or practising one I've heard on my travels where ever I can get an audience. I've been traveling round the shire for some time now with Tuila, trying to build a name for myself, with some small success, when asked people will now from time to time say "Willrand who?" instead of "What?"

    I'm sure Tuila is just along to laugh at me making a fool of myself, but I've known her for as long as I can remember, she is like almost sister to me, most of the time, some times it’s just a little.... I don’t know, complicated, especially when i see her dancin with other lads like that mr simbo, callin him handsom and such, anyway. Recently I got up the nerve to travel out of bounds, all the way to Bree (accompanied by Tuila of course) in an effort to learn more rare and exotic styles of song (we even met an Elf!) and let me tell you, Biggers can’t hold there beer, for all the size of them! I still am not sure about the stuff what they calls music either, a dwarf told me its an aquiered taste, so I keep playing it to see if it gets any better with time, but thus far it aint. Maybe i'll write my own song one day and humans will think its just noise and I can tell them "its and aquired taste"

    Back then We were younger Tuila and I were locally known as partners in mischief, always blamed for the loss of pie's puddings and pastries alike. For some reason no one ever believed that we were innocent and had just happened to find a mushroom pie on a rock just outside of Waymeet.

    I do have one secret that even Tuila doesn’t know though. What with me to be soon coming of age I've been saving all my money from playing in the inns and selling my home grown pipe weeds and such at the market. Saving for a long time now and can finally afford myself a hole to call my own, either a little place in a nice neighbourhood, or a bigger place in a less popular neighbourhood. I don’t really know how i feel about leaving the wagons, the only place I’ve called home for so long; moving away from Tuila. Sometimes I think of asking her to come with me, I mean she comes everywhere else with me, but then I dont know what I would do if she said no. Like I said, complicated.

    [2] RP Experience
    Basically none, I’ve been coming to GDF and the Monday/Tuesday markets on and off for a while

    [3] LOTRO Experience

    I’ve been playing since ROI came out. got one level 75 human hunter (wish i'd made a hobbit) but due to real life constraints I have not got the time to think about raiding anything much more than a PUG from time to time, so I would say only a little experience

    [4] Character

    Race : Hobbit
    Class : Minstrel
    Level : 20 (for now)
    Profession : Historian
    Main : Yes

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